Note about the Great Himalaya Trail


The Great Himalaya Trail is kind of a vague concept … there are any number of possible variations … it is really just a network of trails (where there are any) pieced together to create a “higher route” linking the remote and rugged mountain districts in the highest regions of Nepal, and a “lower route” linking the slightly less remote and rugged hill districts.

Whichever way you go, in reality crossing Nepal is anything but vague – it is tough, it is wild, it is enormous and it is humbling. Read more here to know more about Lizzy’s journeys and her reasoning why there is no FKT (fastest known time) for the Great Himalaya Trail ….


Recent updates

  • The Run

        We all have one. That run. Its physical location may change as we move house, region, country, continent. But it is the run that is always with us. It is the run that… (Read More)

  • ke garne?

        There is a saying here in Nepal that says it how it is. Ke garne? What to do? – because sometimes you just don’t know. And when you don’t know what to do; then… (Read More)

  • upwards towards the Larkya La (5140m), November 2012

    the ‘inbetween’

      I’m still loitering in the ‘in between’. Quite literally … I’m loitering between the sky high trails of Manaslu and the wilds of Mustang. I’m lucky. To be running again, to have these opportunities is a… (Read More)

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