Endurance has always been a way of life for me, not only a sport, and my enduring passion is for the mountains and wilderness. Having trained as an environmental scientist I somehow fell into the world of ultra and endurance running almost by chance.  Read more about Lizzy.


Recent updates

  • ke garne?

        There is a saying here in Nepal that says it how it is. Ke garne? What to do? – because sometimes you just don’t know. And when you don’t know what to do; then… (Read More)

  • upwards towards the Larkya La (5140m), November 2012

    the ‘inbetween’

      I’m still loitering in the ‘in between’. Quite literally … I’m loitering between the sky high trails of Manaslu and the wilds of Mustang. I’m lucky. To be running again, to have these opportunities is a… (Read More)

  • winds

      The foehn wind was blowing this morning. The wind that heralds change. But there was another reason for my restlessness. I’ve shut the door. I’m making a journey. My things, neither really belongings nor… (Read More)

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